Rebecca Mack for Preeclampsia Awareness Month Stories

May 05, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rebecca Mack

How did your preeclampsia experience change you?

Rebecca Mack: My preeclampsia experience changed me because I always thought if you follow the rules, you did what you were supposed to do things like this couldn't happen to you. I really thought that I was in the clear because I was in my second trimester almost in my third trimester. But preeclampsia hit me and it hit me quick. And unfortunately, it led to the death of my daughter.

What was your first symptom of preeclampsia?

Rebecca Mack: My first symptom of preeclampsia was the classic swollen hands, ankles and face. But what alerted me that I needed medical attention was my severe heartburn and epigastric pain that did not go away with any medications like Tums or Pepsid. I was also having some decreased fetal movement. So that is when I decided to go in and get checked out.

What do you want other women to know?

Rebecca Mack: I want everyone to know about preeclampsia because it can happen so quick. It can turn so bad, so quick. So if you know the signs, if you know your risk factors taking an aspirin, if your doctor allows it, calling your doctor at the first sign, even if it makes you feel like it's nothing, go and talk to your doctor, it could save your life, it can save your baby's life. I wish I would have been able to take an aspirin with this pregnancy because maybe it would have changed things.

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