All In To Take 10 Pitch Video

December 05, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Trashaun Powell , Take 10 Ambassador, New Jersey. Kim Smith, Take 10 Ambassador, South Carolina. Dr. Quantrilla Ard, Take 10 Ambassador, Georgia. Rolanda Hatcher-Gallop, Take 10 Program Manager

Rolanda Hatcher-Gallop: Hello. My name is Rolanda Hatcher-Gallop with the Preeclampsia Foundation's "Take 10 for Preeclampsia Research" program, a call to action designed for and by Black preeclampsia survivors to join the Preeclampsia Registry and let their voices be heard. Representation in research is essential in finding a cause and cure for this pregnancy disorder. And these ladies are "all in to take 10!"

Kim Smith: research. It's statistically proven that too often there is not enough diversity in clinical trials and and to be honest for valid reasons regarding mistrust. a long history of mistrust.

Dr. Quantrilla Ard: It's important to include Black moms in preeclampsia research because there is not a "one size fits all" approach. Each woman, each

Trashaun Powell : It is important that Black mothers are included in the preeclampsia research to really acknowledge the impact that the Black maternal health crisis has had on Black women. In particular, black women are

Kim Smith: a long history of mistrust. But the truth is the answers are in your mouth and in your stories. So connect with me and join arms with

Dr. Quantrilla Ard: And I am encouraging you to continue supporting the Preeclampsia Foundation and preeclampsia research so that we can make this a lived reality in our lifetime.

Trashaun Powell : I'm all in to take 10.

Dr. Quantrilla Ard: I'm all in to take 10.

Kim Smith: I am all in to take 10.

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