I'm All In to Take 10

May 09, 2023

Preeclampsia Foundation advocates Trashaun Powell, Kimberly Smith, Dr. Quantrilla Ard, and Shavnay McClain share that they are "all in" to take 10 minutes to join preeclampsia research.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Shavnay McClain, 2x preeclampsia survivor. Trashaun Powell , HELLP syndrome survivor. Kim Smith, Preeclampsia survivor. Dr. Quantrilla Ard, Preeclampsia survivor

Trashaun Powell : I'm all in to Take 10.

Kim Smith: I am all in to take 10.

Shavnay McClain: I'm all in to Take 10.

Dr. Quantrilla Ard: I'm all in to take 10.

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