Dr. Ryan Plewe for Prater Othodontic Consulting Video Testimonials

September 26, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dr. Ryan Plewe, Orthodontist, Talbot & Plewe Orthodontics

Would you describe a specific challenge you were facing that I helped you overcome and how it impacted and boosted your practice's success?

Dr. Ryan Plewe: So Zein has really helped us recently with updating our website and social media to just get everything more up to date on the recent technology. And um we're really thankful for his help in helping our practice be more cutting edge and current.

How did you feel before and after implementing the strategies we discussed and how has this impacted your confidence or peace of mind now?

Dr. Ryan Plewe: I knew that we needed to update the technology that we were using and just kind of the overall design of things. So I appreciate his help and um it's helped me just feel better about the direction of where we're going with our practice.

There are many consultants out there. What set our collaboration apart, and why would you recommend me to other Orthodontists?

Dr. Ryan Plewe: I really enjoy working with Zein because I genuinely feel like he has our best interests in mind and will be there for us to support us and help us with ideas when we need that And he also has a wealth of knowledge with all things in an orthodontic practice. He's very up to date on the latest and greatest in the profession, things that work and things that don't. And so, yeah, I appreciate his knowledge and help.

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