Dr. Jonathan Shouhed, Orthodontist, West LA Orthodontics Verified Testimonial for Prater Othodontic Consulting

November 07, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dr. Jonathan Shouhed, Orthodontist, West LA Orthodontics

Would you describe a specific challenge you were facing that I helped you overcome and how it impacted and boosted your practice's success?

Dr. Jonathan Shouhed: One of the first things that we actually talked about with Zein was organizing my time as a doctor and the practice owner and really being able to use my time efficiently. And one of the first things actually that we did was set everything up into a calendar and just be as organized as possible and setting that tone of having everything set and sticking to the schedule no matter what has been life changing for me.

How did you feel before and after implementing the strategies we discussed and how has this impacted your confidence or peace of mind now?

Dr. Jonathan Shouhed: As an entrepreneur, I've really struggled with the anxiety of always having to keep things on track and having everything set up the right way. Since starting with Zein, I can't help but notice that my anxiety level has gone so far down. Everything has a planned attack, you know, creating action plans and sticking to those and moving decisively has really, it's crazy, It's really helped me with my anxiety.

There are many consultants out there. What set our collaboration apart, and why would you recommend me to other Orthodontists?

Dr. Jonathan Shouhed: I've only worked with one consultant ever, but I would never work with anyone else besides Zein Prater. This guy has single-handedly changed my life. His dedication, the way that he just puts his entire self into the process. It helped me feel so much more confident in the process and knowing that if he's so invested, then I definitely have to match that energy, and you know with Zein kind of just finding me, I really feel like this was something that was sent to me from above because I really don't know where I'd be without him.

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