Shaleen Vasavada for PracticeMatch Video Testimonials

February 05, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Shaleen Vasavada

How did you hear about PracticeMatch?

Shaleen Vasavada: I heard about PracticeMatch from my wife who is an ambassador and I've been an active member since.

What has been the biggest benefit of joining our physician ambassador program?

Shaleen Vasavada: The biggest benefit to being part of the physician ambassador program are the networking opportunities that I have and being able to connect with my colleagues and connect my colleagues with different opportunities.

How has PracticeMatch helped prepare you for your career journey?

Shaleen Vasavada: PracticeMatch has enabled me to connect with different job markets and different opportunities that I otherwise would not have had access to.

What would you say to a colleague that is interested in becoming a physician ambassador?

Shaleen Vasavada: Becoming a physician ambassador is a great way to connect with your colleagues network in the field and realize what opportunities there are currently in whatever specialty you're practicing.

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