Brett Lederle for Customer Testimonial Videos

January 18, 2024

Video Transcript

Speakers: Brett Lederle

Could you describe how PracticeHub has helped you?

Brett Lederle: It took us some time to change over to PracticeHub. And we wonder why we did take so long to do it now. PracticeHub has helped us so much. The biggest thing is that we see that PracticeHub seems to be designed very specifically for chiropractors, and that helps tremendously in how we are managing the people that we're serving. It's great at managing the diary booking really efficiently and doing the notes really quickly for each and every adjustment that we do. The soap notes is really, really easy. Just the touch of a button with the pad that we're using. It's great for uploading and keeping files and we've got it all there scans, X-rays reports, all of that Really, really, efficient to have it right there and upload it on the cloud. But the most important thing that we found is that PracticeHub, helps so much in where each person is in their care programme. How many adjustments they've got left when the reports are, and that has helped us tremendously and we love it.

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