Steve Talks About His Experience with Practice Promotions

July 19, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Steve Ajayi, Zenith Physotherapy and Wellness Clinic

How Is Your Clinic Different Now vs. Before Practice Promotions?

Steve Ajayi: Okay, since we started working with practice promotions, there have been quite an increase in the number of new assessment numbers that we've seen come through our door. Uh, patients and staff loved the new website. We've got quite a lot of new assessments leads through the chat bots on the website. Um, Our patient engagement portal as well has given us a lot of new referral leads. And recently we started doing the Google ads which has brought us quite a huge number of new assessment into the clinic.

How did Practice Promotions help resolve this challenge?

Steve Ajayi: um Practice Promotions has really helped to solve a lot of new assessment issues. I think one major game changer for us was the website design. We love our new website, we love the new layout, it's professionally done and it has these awesome functionality where the patients can chat with a virtual assistant and we can in real time receive a notification and follow up with a lead either through email or phone calls. That's really really made a lot of changes for us. We now have a website that we're proud of. It looks very professional, very well done for us. And of course the contents are also very rich in in terms of the SEO. Functionality. So we really love that. I think also it helps that we have an account manager that is very reachable. They are accessible. They're very responsive to a lot of the queries and questions that we have and that's really made quite a lot of difference for us. And also in terms of you know reach SEO Numbers keywords such has really significantly improved on Google and that's really placed us in terms of you know put us right in front of many patients so they can contact us and book an appointment. And recently we've we started doing the Google Ads which we've had some impressive numbers through that in terms of new leads and we're looking forward to even more greater numbers in the months ahead. So it's all around. It's been very great in terms of the options that Practice Promotions has brought for us.

What Is The #1 Result You Got With Practice Promotions?

Steve Ajayi: I think the most important results is the significant increase in the number of new patient leads that we we've had through a door since we started working with Practice Promotions. We started with them in July of 2021. And at that time we were averaging about 25 26 new patients lead truly though on a weekly basis. Right about now. This is July 2022. We're averaging about 45 46 new assessment leads. I think we can attribute a huge portion of that increase to some of the great works that Practice Promotions has helped us to do through online presence, website, SEO Google Ads and through the email marketing, and all of the efforts that they put in place for us overall. We're very happy with all of the results that we got.

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