Shayna Alper Whisnant for Client Testimonial

December 29, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Shayna Alper Whisnant

What was the challenge you were facing in your practice?

Shayna Alper Whisnant: Hi, my name is Shanna Alper, WISN IT and I'm a licensed clinical social worker in Denver colorado. I think one of the biggest challenges that led me to practice cultivator was that I had zero experience in business marketing, advertising and had no clue where to start. And after doing a little bit of research, I came across practice cultivator and started with that program back in january.

How did Practice Cultivator help you solve that problem, and what was the result you got in that practice?

Shayna Alper Whisnant: Andrew's program with practice cultivator was extremely helpful to get me to persevere through the challenges that I was having when building my private practice each week, was extremely thorough and listed out step by step, what to do to meet my goals. And slowly but surely, I noticed that I was getting to where I needed to be.

How is Practice Cultivator different from other similar products or services?

Shayna Alper Whisnant: When I was doing research on programs to help me build my private practice, I noticed that a lot of the other businesses really focused on doing the work for you, for example, just setting up the google ads and getting you on your way or creating the website for you. And what really stuck out to me about practice cultivator was that the program focused on providing me with the skills that I needed to have a successful business for years and years to come versus here's my money and do the work for me and then I'm left without any of the skills.

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