Power to Decide — FiscalNote Video Testimonial

December 04, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Tara Mancini, Director of Public Policy, Power to Decide

How does FiscalNote help you excel in your position?

Tara Mancini: FiscalNote has really helped us to keep on top of the inundation of legislation at the state level over the last few years, on abortion, contraception, anything related to sexual health really, which of course has really ramped up over the last few years. This is important because we really need to stay informed so we can keep folks informed who rely on us for this information. And so FiscalNote has really just been a great tool. In addition to alerting us when bills with these words come up, it also lets us know when there are any changes to these bills and anything tangentially related to them. This has been a huge help.

What sets FiscalNote apart from similar solutions in the industry?

Tara Mancini: One of the FiscalNote solutions that really sets them apart from the industry is the ability to send mass emails to Capitol Hill through a system. A lot of other solutions out there don't allow you to send mass emails from the actual product. They require you to download emails and then send an email blast. At least that's what we have found in our research. And FiscalNote allows us to just send email blasts from their system, which makes it a lot easier to do. Of course, this is the fact that this is combined with the legislative tracking and the VoterVoice mobilization tool really makes it a comprehensive solution for us.

What would you say to other leaders who are on the fence about FiscalNote?

Tara Mancini: FiscalNote is a comprehensive, affordably priced tool for a nonprofit like us. It allows us to do bill tracking in all 50 states and at the federal level, send emails to legislators, mass emails to Capitol Hill, as well as a grassroots mobilization tool.

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