Rosie Gee Customer Case Study Video

October 20, 2021

Off Grid Solar NZ

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rosie Gee

Why did you decide to go off the grid in the first place?

Rosie Gee: Kia ora! Why am I off grid? I decided to go off grid in the first place because sustainable living is really important to me. Having a small environment, environmental footprint is something that I think is important. That we should all think about, the way that the world And on a practical level it was about because of the position of the house. When I looked at the cost of going on to mains and getting the cabling into to the main big box up the road. I thought why not just pay a little bit more and actually have no power bills ever. And, I also really like the fact that it's all contained and it's I can see what is, where everything is that. I can see what you're trying to use as well at the time of using it. which is really important even just to be aware because quite often as consumers were not aware of the draw in the world and so, that was my main reason.

Why did you choose Power Station NZ?

Rosie Gee: Why did I choose Power Station in new Zealand? I chose these guys because I really liked lots of reading, lots and lots of reading on the internet and I like to Plug and Play of it. I don't know how solar even works. I didn't want the responsibility of having to choose the right system for me, when I didn't really know about it. Um, I thought the advice was really great and everybody was nice and friendly to deal with and I also liked that everything was while the technical stuff was definitely there, if I wanted to question questions answered, everything else was for the lay person, which for me was really perfect because I just wanted it all to work. I didn't really care how it worked. So for me, it was perfect.

What was your experience dealing with Power Station NZ?

Rosie Gee: Kia ora! What was my experience dealing with Power station? New Zealand? Easy, it's probably the best word to sum it all up. Everybody was really friendly, answered any questions that I had even with appliances, of what kind of use with things, they were really great. Never made me feel like my questions were stupid, which was always quite good. And so again I don't really know the technical side of it. I definitely going with with a company that new all of it, I could do it all without me having to find other bits when it was really helpful. So, basically if they could answer all of it they could do everything I wanted. So I found that experience really good! I totally recommend it to anybody.

How is your system working for you?

Rosie Gee: How's my system working for me? Brilliant beyond expectations! Probably because when I first looked at going off grid or I first thought about being off grid, I initially thought, okay, there's lots of things that won't be able to have. We weren't gonna have TVs or coffee machines or any of that stuff we used to in our city life. And I have all of the things that I need. So we've got a coffee machine, espresso coffee machine, which I love for my Sunday morning coffees. I've got a TV, we've got a fridge, I've got a chest freezer. So those are plugged in obviously all the time when I'm not there, I found it absolutely wonderful! There's never been a time where we've used too much power, which I thought was great. I'm totally sold on the fact that with a few panels you can get what you need, which is awesome! And again, without any power bills, which is super, super great! The only time I think... ...we have a, we have a backup generator. So when the battery gets to 50% and automatically kicks in. And the only time that's ever kicked in was winter when we had a week of people at the house, all plugging in their laptops and at the same time and using the coffee machine... and the generator came on once! So I thought that's actually pretty amazing for a year and a half that the only time we've actually had to use, it was when we were actually above capacity of what we have. We have a small system, we have a system for two and we had about five people there. And so I think that that's something that shows the benefits of the system and how it works really, really well. It's working great! Thanks.

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