Virtual Holiday Card (Edit 1)

December 15, 2022

Video Transcript

Happy Holidays from Possip!: Hi, I'm Caitlin Churchill Possip's Community Director, and I'm Jasmine Blue on your Customer Experience and Support Team, and we're here to wish you a happy, happy holiday.

The people at Possip see all the needs that come before you, and we are so impressed by your ability to triage needs and keep people connected to each other and a love of learning. We've got some mistletoe, I mean, milestones, to share with you for the year.

You are a community of 1300 educational organizations across 34 states seeking feedback and needs from over one million people. Hundreds and thousands of parents, staff, and students are sharing their praise and feedback with you every week.

It's a gift to give and receive feedback. People love sharing information about their experience, finding solutions together and giving praise to each other. There's so much praise.

This feedback has been given to you in 64 different languages so far this school year, and Possip's mission is stronger kids and schools through the power of diverse voices. We're incredibly privileged to be partnering with you in this endeavor.

Happy holidays!

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