Thank You: 2023 EOY Leadership Team Updates

December 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Jennifer. Lauren Mendoza. Shani Dowell. Christine Fisher

Hello, everyone. As we wrap up the year, I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for each and every one of you. Your dedication and your commitment have really been the driving force behind all of the accomplishments that we've made in the past year. And I'm just incredibly proud to be leading such an awesome and dedicated and talented team of individuals. At the beginning of 2023, one of the first features we rolled out was FOPC. And at the end of the year, we have challenged ourselves with a FOPC flex and it went off successfully, which is a great accomplishment in my opinion, for one of the things we did this past year. If I think further into 2023, we really had a busy and successful year. We introduced a product road map. We introduced two week sprints. We've now got tech metrics. We've been leveraging and surfacing data through Blazer. We introduced the use of tools like ChatGPT and Github Copilot, which have really been productivity-enhancing. There's been an incredible spirit of collaboration on the team. Everybody gets along, and gets together, and works to make sure that everything is thoroughly vetted and thought through, and everybody is working to enhance everyone else's code, which I think is incredible. We've also introduced specs with everything that we deploy to production, enhancing the quality of our code and ensuring the reliability of our application. And we've introduced a ton of big features. We've got AAA, we've got FOPC, we've got BQ tagging, we've got theme tagging. There was the report refresh at the end of the year. So we've really delivered a lot of high-quality work and really meaningful features throughout the course of the year. And I'm very excited about where we're going in the next year. In 2024, we're going to start the year with a brand new customer interface. We are aiming to delight our customers and we're aiming to win over new customers and I'm very excited about where we are going in the new year. So with that, thanks everyone for your contributions, and let's do even more in 2024.

Christine Fisher: Comes to a close. I wanted to express how grateful I am for Team Possip It's been a really wonderful year and it's helpful to take a minute to step back, and reflect on all we have accomplished. Two things really jumped out at me as I thought about the year. First, the incredible improvements that have been made to our technology platform- from implementing FOPC, to BQ tagging, to report refresh with the new speed reads. Our product has made significant progress this last year. The second thing that comes to mind is the growth of our team. In 2023 we had nine new team members join. Bonnie, Mandy, Shan, Rupam, Alyssa, Hawo, Faith, Nesta, and Priyal. Welcome. As I look ahead to 2024, I'm excited to see where our growth takes us, and really excited to have the team and structure in place to support our work. Thank you.

Lauren Mendoza: Hi guys, it's Lauren here. Very happy to be with you today to share all of my gratitude for you guys as our team. I've been with Possip a little over two years now, and I've been able to see the growth, not only in terms of our partnerships, but also the growth within our teams and not even the growth with just by our team members, but also the growth that we've had with the our mindsets, within our plans, our actions, our strategy, all of that has come together so beautifully and I've been able to witness a lot of that and across all different departments. So, very grateful that I've been able to experience that with you guys. A specific challenge I wanted to discuss in terms of marketing at the beginning of this year, we were really struggling on how we were going to understand the data, and therefore how does that inform our decision making? And so we've come a really long way and we've been able to now come to a place of, where we're able to show that data easily in HubSpot, where we're able to segment and target all of our contacts in HubSpot. So overall, just being able to lend ourselves into a more strategic, more segmented, more personalized marketing effort. So shout out to the marketing team, to our sales team, and to all of those who have contributed your thoughts and ideas into this process because it's coming to life, and it's a beautiful thing to be able to witness. And then final thoughts and looking ahead to 2024, Oh my gosh, what a big year. I think the main thing that I'm looking forward to most is the growth that we are going to see in terms of our partnerships because I claim that. I really do. I really am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be able to be a part of something that is going to spread out, not just across the states we already have partners in, but across the nation and, and eventually across the world. Because what we do matters, and what we do is going to make a difference in so many different verticals and so many different industries that we can't even foresee right now. And I really do believe that and I'm claiming that for this team. So really just grateful to be able to see and will see the growth here that we have on our team, and the growth that we'll see in our partnerships in all the years to come. So peace and blessings, and that's it. Bye guys.

Looking back on 2023, I'm incredibly grateful for all of the achievements of team delivery, which I'll talk a little bit about in a second. But I'm particularly grateful for the attitude of sort of positivity, care, and collaboration that the delivery team has every day, working with each other, working with the rest of Possip, and working with our customers. It was really big and busy calendar year. So, just some stats to put that in perspective. The team enabled over 10,000 Pulse Checks to be sent out. Onboarded over 130 accounts. Worked such that over 5,200 BQs um went out over 70 BQ summaries and data packages were delivered and over 100 mid-year and end-of-year 360 summaries. The team supported the launch and continued use of Flexibility of Pulse Checks, supported the launch of the new report, refresh, right? Training all the reporting team, preparing our customers, we supported multiple marketing events and white papers, really improved the KPI Dashboard, and have been even more present with our customers, working more closely with them, supporting all of those BQs, making them even more aware of all the great praise that they can collect only through Possip, and partnering with them on response rate. So a lot of really great initiatives and work. The year was not without its challenges. I'd say, foremost among them, you know, we didn't have the renewal year that any of us would want for ourselves or for Possip. We learned a lot through that process, we learned you know, about the criticality of having the right staffing. And we've added a lot of people and we've added different roles. You know, we learned a lot about how our customers use Possip. We've honestly learned ourselves about Possip and the platform. You know, we've learned about the importance of really making sure that we're supporting our customers with response rate, we're supporting them with seeing the value of Possip and pushing that value of Possip out to other places in the organization. And we learned a lot also about some of our just like processes and, you know, are working on making them even simpler. Top amongst them, consent and dealing with Trilio. With all of the, you know, learning and changes and improvements that we've already accomplished, I'm really optimistic about next year. You know, I want to be in a place at the end of the school year where we and our customers look at our processes, and see them as even simpler and easier than ever. When our customers kind of really can see the value and impact of that Possip data and that's more people and our customers seeing that, where the team, you know, has really continued to sort of come together, our newly expanded team, and continues to work together effectively. And that, like we have the best renewal year ever. And I have no doubt that we will accomplish that with the team that we have and the attitude that the team has, and all of the things that we've learned and improved on already. So, super excited for 2024 and super grateful for all the work from this past year.

Shani Dowell: Hi! Excited to come to you from our Possip new offices. As you can see the lighting is great. So you are welcome here. I'm excited to share thanks and gratitude for the entire team. But I'm specifically focused on sales and marketing. We've had a big year of learning and growth; added new customers, new states, new schools and districts we're working with, and so that's super exciting. A shout out to our newest team members, Mandy and Sean, and now Marcel and we've seen the incredible impact um and then also for our returning team members, we've learned and grown. We've added new partners, learned new systems, tackle new big challenges, and while we didn't hit the goals that we set out at the beginning of the year to hit, we're more poised than ever for next year to hit those goals because we have more clarity on what it takes, and how we're going to get there and we have the learning and experience at our backs. So, excited for the future, excited for 2024, where we'll add new partners, and keep learning and growing and seeing the impact of, of our product and our team on the country, and continuing to work towards our goal of having 25 million people be able to get their voice heard through a platform like Possip and have its incredible team out there and I'm excited for all the partnership we have, across our different parts of Possip now, as well. So thank you. Happy soon-to-be New Year, and don't stop, get it, Get it!

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