Sustaining Strong Schools: Strategies for Teacher and Staff Retention- Possip Event

January 08, 2024

Video Transcript

Jordan: Let's turn over you, Elizabeth. What are you noticing? Elizabeth: As former operations, I definitely immediately noticed a correlation between teachers' vacancies and teachers' duties and requirements. Definitely the beginning of the year and mid-year, those higher turnover periods where we're then shuffling duties and requirements like bus duty, car duty, arrival and dismissal; those sort of things- definitely see those going in line with one another. Jordan: And Alyssa, what are you thinking? Alyssa: Yeah. So as someone who used to supervise a pretty large department of teachers in a large high school, I noticed that communication was consistent pretty much throughout the year. So that is something that's always top of mind to teachers, right- is: they want to know what clear expectations are, they want to know what's happening in the school, both kind of from a student perspective, from a parent perspective, and how that impacts their daily schedule. What I did notice is kind of how that relates to administrative feedback. And so, we see administrative feedback is not as much a concern in the beginning because again, we're rolling out the year, we're getting things going, but we are seeing that increase as the year goes on. And so kind of hoping that maybe with really, some clear communication structures; around logistics, around expectations, that that could be resolved as the year goes on.

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