Staff Pulse Check Welcome Video ?

August 03, 2022

Video Transcript

Hi from Possip! We want to welcome you to the Possip community. You're watching this video because your administrators want to hear from you and they've asked Possip to help.

Here's what to expect. This year, you'll receive routine Pulse Checks™. Pulse Checks are a series of 3-4 questions sent by text or email, and you can reply either way. These survey questions ask things like if you're happy in your work, if you have any praise, needs, or feedback, or concerns to share. Sometimes your administrator might ask a custom question known as a Bonus Question™ to learn about relevant things in your community. And finally, you're asked if you would like to share your name or remain anonymous.

The repetitive nature of these questions, each time you do a Pulse Check, is intentional to measure your happiness over time. But each time you reply, you can talk about anything that's important to you. And like I said, when you take the Pulse Check, you can choose to be anonymous or share your name. If you don't share your name, only your feedback will be visible, not any personally identifiable information. We always honor and protect this choice. Within days of sharing your feedback, your school or district receives a report that compiles all of the feedback from staff members. Your comments though are shared exactly like you wrote them. And after reading the feedback, administrators are encouraged to follow up with individuals who maybe requested follow up, but also to share back with the wider community what was said. Your feedback is shared only with your school or district, but by participating, you're a part of a larger body of work. You are part of the voices of thousands of staff members from all across the country who are speaking about the experiences they want at work.

Thank you for participating. We look forward to elevating your voice.

We believe that together, we can advocate for and create, better schools, better jobs, and happier experiences at work!

Welcome to the Possip community!

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