October 24, 2023

Video Transcript

Shani Dowell, Possip CEO & Founder, shares the importance of providing families with a strong welcome.

One of the things you know, we know is having strong systems to welcome all families, especially in their language. And so consider as you're building out your systems, your technology and your people, how everyone can be welcomed um in their language. We know you may not always be able to meet every family in their language every time. Uh but starting with a welcome, helps families know that they are in a place where, you know, if they have a need that you'll be able to welcome them and support them. So I would say over-plan for a beginning of the year, and new-to-school opportunities to welcome parents in their language. If interpreter or translation budgets are more limited, make sure you're, you know, putting it in the beginning of the year and investing in it earlier in the year so that you're making sure that families are kind of starting strong, knowing that your heart and your efforts are with them. So that's more likely to keep them coming back over time.

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