Sustaining Strong Schools: Strategies for Teacher and Staff Retention- PT. 3

January 08, 2024

Video Transcript

Shani Dowell: So when we looked at the sub trends for administrator feedback, we saw a few threads. So, people want to be seen, whether that's praise for a good job or feedback about development they need, even if they're doing great, they could be doing great and want to get even better, they could be struggling, and want to get better. And so when we look at the earlier slide about admin feedback, the top sub-trends listed a lot around wanting coaching and listening and support. So you can see management, coaching and feedback, improving culture and staff morale, teacher support and feedback, lack of empathy or listening, discipline, support and disconnection or lack of visibility from the classroom. So just giving more, kind of being more present, helping your teachers and staff be seen- and then giving them the feedback and support. And sometimes people are growing in an area that you don't really know how to help support them. But even sitting down and starting to kind of think through together what resources you all can send to, or if you know someone else who could give them that support in terms of another teacher in the building who's doing really well, helps people really feel seen.

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