Sustaining Strong Schools: Strategies for Teacher and Staff Retention- Possip Event Pt. 2

January 08, 2024

Video Transcript

Shani Dowell: Awesome. So, our first recommendation, and we've made this one pretty clear, is to just ask and listen. And I'm gonna dig into some more data here. So when we ask Pulse Checks, we, both for families, and students & staff, there's the opportunity to say if you want your name shared or not. I will admit this is actually- some of our customers definitely want the ability for people to have anonymity. Some of our customers don't like it. And there are a number of reasons for that. But what we have found is that staff are more than twice as likely to respond anonymously than family members. And so I think there's two things that we can take away from that- One is: Alyssa mentioned the foundation of trust. What we see is that, that that number doesn't have to stay that way. That staff can start off responding anonymously- and families- and then over the course of the year as they develop comfort with how things are being handled, and as they develop, trust and trust strengthens, that the rate of anonymous feedback goes down, which we see as a good thing. Having that pipeline open, though, does speak to I think one- that trust is thing like I've said, but then also the desire and the need to share and I always have to kind of fear repercussion on the back end of it.

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