Safety Event 4

December 16, 2022

Video Transcript

Campus Safety Case Studies

One of our panelists discusses the importance of continuing these conversations even if the answers aren't easy.

So part of you know what I think we need to keep talking about is these competing ideas. And I worry sometimes that the fact that they're not easy answers keep us from asking the questions and from having the discussion. So I think we need to keep talking, understanding that they're not necessarily always easy answers. Although as Malene and Cat show there are some systems, strong systems people put in place to make things a bit easier. Um, no matter what. Um, and then the other thing that captured at the top, learning and hearing from our families, our students and our staff more and more so that when we are coming up with our systems and policies, we know where their heads are, what they're concerned about what matters most of them. So being able to do that in partnership, I think it's so important.

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