Safety Event 3

December 16, 2022

Video Transcript

Campus Safety Case Studies

Our panelists discuss the importance of meaningful and trauma-informed practices or drills.

We touched on it in this conversation. But something I would love to stamp and continue the conversation on is the importance of meaningful and trauma informed practice. And so I heard you name some parent praise in the survey (Possip Pulse Check™) at the beginning. Some parents are hesitant to have their kids practice if we're talking to kids about what could happen and how do we keep ourselves and our bodies safe in those scenarios, Right? The way you talk to kids is different based on the age and we, the administrators on the call telling parents, here's how we practice for these scenarios and we practice so that it's less. We are trying the best we can to minimize any real scenario causing trauma. And I really put the put it out there instead of a yes or yes or no. Should we practice how often we practice? Let's just make it as meaningful as we can. Practicing for drills is taking away minutes from instruction. And so any time we take away minutes from instruction at school, it should be really meaningful time. And so would love as it feels right with this group and the Possip group to push to continue that part of the conversation and how we really can make everyone feel safer before something happens

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