Safety Event 2

December 15, 2022

Video Transcript

Campus Safety Case Studies

Our panelist helps answer the question "How do we know if our kids feel safe at school?"

How do we know if kids feel safe at school? Um and you know, you work with all different ages, so if I can pile it on, I'm gonna ask you, let us know a little bit about how that varies and what gets articulated, Sure, thank you. The biggest most obvious is they show up at school. If I don't feel safe, I'm not coming to school. If I'm being bullied, I'm not coming to school the day after, we have had um threats to our campus, we have the lowest attendance of the year and that is consistent. Um so that's the first thing they are they at school, and if there is a consistent, you know, there's consistent absences with certain students following up with them outside of something going on at home, generally there's something happening at school that's keeping them home, physical safety usually is pretty obvious because there's a larger percentage, but then if it's mental, if they are having anxiety and I'm kind of glad anxiety is like the new buzzword now, because people are paying more attention to it, anxiety is fear of the unknown, so there is fear there, if you're afraid of something, you're not going to continue to want to go to that something to that place where you're feeling that anxiety and often it might be school, it might be a classroom, it might be a an individual there, so one of our kids are coming to school, they feel more safe than the ones who are not.

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