Shani Dowell: Feedback Friday

July 21, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Shani Dowell, CEO and Founder of Possip

Why is sharing one's voice important?

Shani Dowell: As humans, we each have a unique perspective and view and voice and it's so important to share your voice and your insight with those um places and spaces that affect your life, maybe your kids' life. Um And so I think it's so important because only you will see things the way you see them and be able to share them um in that way. And so just places get better um when they're able to benefit from the unique and special way that you see things and the unique and special way that you can voice that.

Why is feedback important for improving culture and morale?

Shani Dowell: Feedback is important for improving culture and morale because feedback is a way to show that people matter. Um One of the things we see in the feedback that we hear from families, students and staff is that people just want to know that they matter. And by sharing feedback, um whether it's praising someone in that feedback for a way that they've um made you feel um a, a positive thing that they've done in your life for um or your student's life or whether it's feedback that shares, hey, here's a need that I have or it's feedback that shares something that you would like to see different. It all shows people that what they're doing matters. Um and it also can therefore help them make places better. So I think feedback is important because it shows people all the ways in which they matter and it helps people feel seen and gives people and places an opportunity to grow and get better.

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