Shani Podcast_Bridging the Gap

August 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Shani Dowell - Bridging the Gap Between Parents and Schools, Podcast

Shani Dowell - Bridging the Gap Between Parents and Schools: I'm like, surely people would want to and need to be able to share about their child experiences at school. And so I was like, what have we made it super easy for parents and then super easy for school administrators to get that feedback and make it so that it's not just the negatives, but they can also get the positive and then we can start to build a bridge between parents and schools. So that was really the pain point was thinking like there's so much information that schools need, there's so much that might happen that a parent wants to share, but they don't have a mechanism to share it. And so we're burning out teachers and administrators and parents are leaving schools and they're not getting their voice heard. So just really creating a bridge between those two.

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