Shani Dowell for A Note This Mother's Day: 2023

May 08, 2023

Shani Dowell for A Note This Mother's Day: 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Shani Dowell

A Note this Mother's Day from Shani at Possip: 2023

Shani Dowell: Hi, I'm Shani Dowell. I'm the founder of Possip and a mom myself. I wanted to say Happy Mother's Day to moms, stepmoms, foster moms, grandmothers, anyone who's taking on a mother-like role to kids. Thank you. Happy Mother's Day. I know being a mom can be really fun, really rewarding, and also challenging- and lots of sacrifices. And so it's a big job and from what I understand, it does not stop when they leave your house. So it's a forever job. So thank you for that. Thank you for what you've done. It's important to all the kids we get to work with and think about, And I hope you enjoy your day and find your own special way to celebrate. On behalf of Team Possip, Happy Mother's Day!

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