Amanda Richards for Possip Video Testimonials

November 15, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Amanda Richards, Reporting Insight Lead

Possip gathers feedback from our Pulse Checks™ to compile a list of feedback trends. Here's what's top of the mind for staff in October!

Amanda Richards: Hi everyone. My name is Amanda Richards, and I am Possip's reporting specialist lead, and I'm here to share the top five trends from staff members in our Possip Pulse Checks™ this past month. Trend number one is around teacher workload. Teachers are just feeling really overwhelmed and feel like they have unmanageable workloads right now. Teachers are feeling they have too many to do list items and just want more clarity on what they should prioritize. Trend number two is student discipline and behavior. The main points of feedback that we're hearing from staff members in regards to discipline are more student accountability, more monitoring, and unstructured spaces like hallways and the cafeteria and more behavior support from when teachers need it from administration. Trend number three is administration feedback. The most common feedback in this area was asking for more transparency, more consistency and support for teachers from leadership teams on campus. Trend number four was around curriculum feedback. Teachers want more freedom in their lesson planning, their pacing, customization of content and resource choices in their curriculum. The last trend trend, number five, is around planning time. Teachers are sharing that they're losing their planning period for many reasons, and staff members are worried about work life balance and really want a protective planning period. If you have any questions about these staff trends, please reach out to the Possip team. Thanks!

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