Amanda for Possip Video Testimonials

November 03, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Amanda Richards, Reporting Insight Lead

Possip gathers feedback from our Pulse Checks™ to compile a list of feedback trends. Here's what's top of the mind for families in October!

Amanda Richards: Hi everyone. My name is Amanda Richards, and I have the honor of being Possip's Reporting Insight Lead. I wanted to share the top five trends from family Pulse Checks™ this past month. Trend number one was around teacher feedback. Families are sharing feedback about requesting more positive interactions with teachers, and a trend around teachers sharing more feedback on student work and progress. This connects to a bigger thing that we've actually been seeing since the beginning of the year around families wanting to know more intimately how their student is performing academically. Trend number two is around teacher communication. So, getting a little bit more specific on the first trend, families shared feedback and requests for more consistent and individualized teacher communication with parents. Trend number three was around curriculum feedback. Families are increasingly becoming more engaged with the content being taught in class, which means they're giving ideas and feedback of things to add to the curriculum and are wanting more consistent information on what students are learning. Trend number four was academic support. In addition to wanting to feel more connected with the curriculum, they want to be more connected on how their students performing academically and wanting more support and increased tutoring opportunities for their students. And the last, trend trend number five is general school communication frequency feedback. Families not only want more communication from teachers specifically, but they also want more communication from administration about general events meetings and campus wide information. Please reach out if you have any questions on these trends, or if you want to chat more. Thanks!

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