Question 5 - KIPP Event

November 18, 2022

Video Transcript

there are so many ways that my team uses this data, like ultimately you know we're able to take this data and my Managing Director of Leadership Development is able to take this and actually think about what do we need to put into pr principal training to actually ensure that like talent like that they understand the types of things that have like the kind of feedback you get as a principal and what do you do about it? Like how do you actually turn the tide on your staff culture? Like what is actually in your locus of control? Um and we always tie them into the leading for learning action. So when we're in that unit on like retaining um leading hiring and retaining um staff, like that's one of the things that we try to like bring up for folks, you understand hey when you're first your principal, everything is yours to do. And so we try to we use that data in that way. Um I would say both um our student culture and student supports leaders are both of those directors, I think they're able to just get um more qualitative data, it'll be more um most times directed it like hey at this school I feel like I'm having a lot of trouble understanding the ep process or it will get more one off comments and I think they get to respond to um in the way that um Allison is naming, like it's like we're able they're able to get that data and things that would have normally been visible invisible, like they would never know to that level of like one parent feeling like my kids and I. P. And I don't know what to do.

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