Question 4 - KIPP Event

November 18, 2022

Video Transcript

it brings up, I think some really healthy reflective questions around, like why are why does there seem to be a pattern among some schools? The adjusting feedback isn't connected to a human that we can actually solve a problem with, and it's it's bringing up questions around trust. It's bringing up questions around responsiveness around how we, you know, how do we view partnership with our families? The the KIPP Foundation started the school culture and climate survey that all of our schools I think are maybe on year two of taking, and one of the questions is around partnership with families and shared power. Um and I think this is a tool that's very in line with that desire to become a network of schools that really does co create and partner with families. Um, and so I think our schools that are kind of most adept at the follow up, I think families are feeling really affirmed.

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