Exciting Possip Report Updates (October 2023)

October 18, 2023

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jasmine, a Possip Customer Relationship Manager, and I'm Adam, the tech lead here at Possip. And we're here today to share an exciting update to the Possip Pulse Check Report. At Possip we believe in the power of feedback and we have listened to what our customers have shared with us about our Pulse Check Reports in order to make some exciting improvements. For example, last month we launched the Possip Speed Read. which serves as an executive summary. It quickly orients you to the most important information that Possip reporters glean from your school's Pulse Check and it also includes resources related to what was surfaced. Now, we are launching some changes to the follow up section. This section will continue to show the respondents that need follow up, but you can now "tick off" when that follow up has actually been completed. You can also see who marked the follow up as complete, which is especially helpful if you have multiple people taking action within your Pulse Check Report.

We are also excited to be launching some changes to how we share key topics in the report. You can now see a table summarizing the key topics your community shared and the number of comments related to each. You can also see which topics were deemed hot or urgent for your attention through this fire icon. We hope that you love these updates as much as we do and we would love to hear your feedback. You can reach out to your Customer Relationship Manager or share your feedback directly with us through the feedback form at the top of the report. Thank you so much!

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