Possip Academy - Allison Willis Holley

November 28, 2022

Video Transcript

How did KIPP NYC roll-out Possip for their team?

Allison Willis Holley, Senior Managing Director of Schools at KIPP NYC, shares her experience.

Step 1: Encourage each school to assign a report reading team of 2 to 3 people.

I mean I was rolling it out across 18 schools, and each one of those schools I asked them to create a Possip team, so there was a Possip point person and then they sent me all the different admin that they wanted to have access. It was probably about 100 people that I was trying to get knowledgeable and fluent and logging in within a short period of time.

Step 2: Block off time on calendars to read the first set of reports together as a network or district.

After that first Pulse Check™ was to have a zoom call that basically invited. I I asked that there be at least one person from every school um kind of required to be on the call to make sure that someone knew how to access and navigate the tool. And we all logged in together to your point to make sure there was a bunch of people all of our Directors of Operations that would happen to be a PD day for them. So they just built it into their PD schedule and all of the DOOs logged on at the same time.

Step 3: Share best practices and goals.

So we were able to figure that out right away and just remove some of the obstacles. Um, and then it really was around sharing some best practices. So I had a couple of schools share that the emails that they send to grade teams or to their whole staff that kind of showed how they used the data. Um, and then, because there was a lot of folks who were brand new, I think they also just surfaced a lot of questions around and questions also for Possip around how, um, you know, does Possip do this? Does Possip do that? Specifically around follow up related to the hot, the hot feedback.

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