Making Car Line a Great Experience

August 10, 2022

Video Transcript

What's a Good Strategy to Make Car Line a Great Experience?

Shani Dowell: The idea is: people mind waiting less when they are distracted. So that's why when we're in the grocery store, there are tabloids and People Magazine, so that we're distracted from the fact that we're waiting in a long line. So think about: what joy and fun can you bring to your car line? Is it music? Is it teachers or parents or kids holding up signs? They could be holding up a sign with information. "Hey, reminder school gets out at 2:00 today." It could be inspiration. I love learning about X, Y, Z. So just think about what some information or inspiration you might (want).

Shani Dowell: Of course we want folks to stay focused on the road, especially when it's time to drive and move. But even earlier on, kind of when parents are sitting there in the car line, before the car line really gets moving, think about their opportunities for distraction or fun!

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