KIPP Nash Staff Spotlight Social Media 2

March 14, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Randy Dowell, Executive Director, KIPP Nashville

Last year, KIPP Nashville asked their staff a powerful question using Possip.

"What is one task or duty that would be helpful to take off your plate so you can fully focus on daily student growth?"

It had a ripple effect through the network, and we asked KIPP Nashville's Executive Director to tell us how.

Randy Dowell: The biggest impact of asking that question has been, just modeling for the leaders on my team that we can and should be listening to our teammates who are closest to the most important work. And that most important work is making sure that every child is growing in every single class, every single day. And so that's our teachers, right? And our, our staff that are in classrooms and we should be asking them for feedback and then we should be acting on it and, and, and really pushing as many kind of meaningful, really important questions down to that level so that our people that are kind of closest to the most important actions in our organization, have a say. What I've seen as a result of just this one exercise doing this this one time, I think it's, it's created a bit of a positive cycle where I've seen principals begin doing that more and, I think that's been healthy. I've heard it from teachers. They definitely appreciate being seen and being considered and being heard.

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