Gov Con 2022

September 21, 2022

Video Transcript

Possip's CEO and Founder, Shani Dowell, was invited to speak at the TN Gov Con 2022.

Here is how it went...

Shani Dowell: Right, talking about students. And, so often we're trying to do work with students without being able to hear from the students, hear from them: What are your interests? Uh, and so, you know, kind of being able to know how should we be thinking about students future trajectory and what they want to be doing? What programs they want to be connected to? So often students feel like they're going into school every day and what they're learning about is not at all connected to something they're even interested in or what are they interested in? And, so our big passion, it goes in many directions, but it's all about listening. So, how can we help you listen to the people who are, who kind of come into your building and to your schools and to your community every day. Um, and so, and how can we help you hear from them as often as possible, as easily as possible. And, so we started to work with students, and part of that is really being able to hear about what do they want for their future and what should we be preparing for them based on what it is that they want.

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