Fun Ways to Spend Summer

May 26, 2023

Sara from Possip is here to bring you some fun summer activity ideas!

Video Transcript

Speakers: Sara. Sara. Sara. Sara

What are some fun ways to spend summer?

Sara: Congratulations everyone on finishing up the school year. My name is Sara and I'm here with my son Ben, and we're going to talk about some really fun ways to spend the summer without screens, of course.

Sara: Idea number one: have a scavenger hunt In our household, we like to do nature scavenger hunts. Okay, so here's my list and I really want to find a lizard. Lizard! Oh my God, he's blending in!

Sara: Idea number two: explore your city, get out and about in the town and explore somewhere new like a fun new park.

Sara: Or if books and reading are more your speed, check out a local bookstore. What's up?

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