Family Feedback in School Improvement Projects

February 07, 2023

Clip 2 Kristin Scotchmer

Video Transcript

What I appreciate about the platform, even in its simplicity as being a text. Is that open ended- the way that families can respond in open ended language, and then the support you give us as well as what our internal team does to then look at what that open-ended language responses do. So, for example, we had as many schools, I'm sure did, quite a debate about when to begin to loosen up on mask requirements. We did not ask a question about the "are you in favor or against masks?" We asked a question and we were able to construct a question that provided space for families to really give us feedback on their underlying concerns, and sort of values relative to health and safety. And from there were able to construct a policy around masking that we felt really spoke to not "Should we mask or not," But "what are the underlying concerns that families have about safety?" And how do we elevate the voices of our most vulnerable families in that conversation? So it all

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