Family Feedback in School Improvement Projects

February 07, 2023

Clip 3 Kathryn Procope

Video Transcript

I think that the change is: I think parents feel more empowered, because they feel this is giving them a way to hold us accountable. It's like "I told you, so I'm gonna look for it." And Corbet talked a bit about the issue we have because like he said, our building is right on Howard University's campus. And so we've always had challenges with dismissal-mostly dismissal- because parents come pick students up. In the begin beginning of the school year, that was a big comment from parents, and as a result of that, and making us accountable, we changed the process so that we could make sure that we keep students safe. So I feel like it's given parents a sense of power and a sense of commitment to us and knowing that when we do these things, when they give us information that we're taking their feedback seriously. So I think that, Yeah, it did- It definitely elevated the trust level for us.

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