Family Feedback in School Improvement Projects

February 07, 2023

Clip 4 Kristin Scotchmer

Video Transcript

Some of the things we've noticed is just what leaders now have access to. So the trend line data, I already shared with you, but sort of with leaders having direct access to that kind of regular data, but also a window into how individual families- "what is the individual experience." So I think it's a really powerful way to balance and create empathy for what the family experience is. So for example just something really simple might be a concern that recess isn't taking place outdoors often enough, we have a very strong commitment to getting our students outside. But the window into that, from just one parent's perspective that it felt like it wasn't happening often enough, gave a leader the platform to say, "hey, let me check in on the team to see like why that might be the case or why the family's experience might be that." So I think that balance of data trend lines which really helps us have perspective on what's happening, but also the individual experience I think creates a lot of empathy for that family experience.

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