Family Feedback in School Improvement Projects

February 17, 2023

Corbet Houston

Video Transcript

When Kerry brought out the protocol, I began to relax a little bit more and say, "okay fine, this is something that we need to do." We don't traditionally hear from a large portion of our parents and we want to do this and do this right. Once we were able to get our first set of responses back from parents, is was very eye-opening because a lot of the parents that responded normally do not respond or, their voices aren't normally heard. So it was really interesting to, to kind of see those parents respond to the questions that we sent out. It was also refreshing to like, sit and have a conversation about what questions make sense. Why do they make sense to put out there? And as a school, when we started to get the data back, I was able to share some of the data with with the team, the entire school team, Some of it was very specific to teachers. And so those are like, very private conversations with teachers because obviously we don't want to put the data out there that was not about everyone else, and was just specific to that teacher. So it was really refreshing to kind of get those perspectives, and work with Kerry to create some of those questions through her research.

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