FACE Examples from Possip

August 03, 2022

Video Transcript

Hi everyone! My name is Jasmine Blue, and I'm on Possip's Experience and Support team. I'm here to help support you in your usage of Possip throughout the school year, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us at your Possip Support Team whenever you need assistance. I want to give you all two quick examples of how other family engagement leaders in different districts and networks across the country are using Possip to hear from and learn from their families. One great example comes from LEAD Public Schools here in Nashville Tennessee, where at LEAD Southeast High School, Tiffany Tapp is using Possip to hear from families after each report and to review what they're saying, to delegate follow up to school leaders at her campus, and most importantly, to follow trends in the community by paying attention to things multiple parents are saying. And Possip makes this possible by grouping things into trend categories. In Tiffany's words, "Yes, you're attacking each individual issue, but at the same time when you see trends, you're able to say 'this is a campus issue' and it's something you're needing to address as a school community." At LEAD Tiffany has also engaged in focus groups, to better understand parent voice as well. Because at the end of the day, as she has expressed, families want to know if changes are being made and if their voices are really heard, and so Tiffany uses a holistic look and really likes to follow high-level trends to make sure that her parent community, her school community, her student community is really taken care of. Another great example comes from Cincinnati Public Schools' former, ABC District Parent Champion, Paul McMillan provided high-level support for the community of parents using Possip. He would do this outside of Possip by hosting open sessions to share with and learn from the community, but specifically through Pulse Checks and through the Possip tool, he would let families know what was being said and trends in the community and share it back out with them so that their voices felt heard and they felt listened to. On a school-by-school level, he would pay attention to the data. He checked in to see if principals were logging in and engaging with the data and he would also assist and provide some one-on-one support with families to make sure that high priority comments were taken care of, because in his words, "everything is achievable if we work together." He recognized that there might be some stipulations and that things might not be able to happen the exact way everyone always wants them to, but that there's power in listening and working with your parent and family community. So we're super excited to be working with you all this upcoming school year, and look forward to answering your questions. And I'll let Shani take over the rest of the presentation!

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