CSGF Video for Blog - 2

October 18, 2022

Video Transcript

for asking for your feedback. We're only gonna get better if we get your feedback. And, but to build that trust from the parents, it's been, um, it's been something that we still to this day when you talk about dissemination. Like we have to be really intentional. They got to see that we're acting on their feedback. And so we've taken the approach to kind of like, it's more of a theatrical production if you ask me, um, like we do get in the car line every time Possip goes out. So we have our Possip every other thursday afternoon between one and four we are knocking on the window. Our parents are trained now to know if you don't throw down the window and tell us thumbs up that you got your Possip. Then we need to, and we got a clipboard to register you to get your Possip, uh, get you programmed into the system and so we got the Eagle mascot, that's dressed up, Try to make it a, you know, a fun, you know, lift your spirits like we really want your feedback, a big sign that we hold, we need your feedback and then doing a reminder on our school wide text message at 48 hours after, because usually our report doesn't come in until Monday.

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