CSGF - Video 3

July 03, 2023

Video Transcript

Authentic Feedback Yields Confident Decision-Making

Barb Campbell, Director of Family Engagement: YES Prep Public Schools

over 62% of our families speak Spanish as their primary language and the survey method that we had been using in the previous years and we still are, is like the annual Panorama survey, nationally normed data. That's great. But we really weren't hearing from a representative sample of our families. Only 35% of our Spanish speaking families in our most recent survey had responded. Um, and so to see that over 50% were responding in another language. We were, I felt more confident in the data that we were hearing from the communities that we actually serve and also just an overwhelming amount of gratitude. I think when I first learned about Possip and I was like, oh, positive gossip isn't that cute. And I was like, Wow, there is a lot of positivity that's coming forward and being able to grab those little gems that, that make all the difference as a previous school leader. Um, just being able to quickly share and say like, yeah, our families are actually quite happy. Yes. The loudest voices we sometimes hear from in the meetings or in the hallways, you know, can lead to uh, an inaccurate perception of the family experience. So I think it's really, it's allowed us to be more cognizant of the reality instead of a skewed representation.

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