CSGF - Video 4

October 17, 2022

Video Transcript

But um, I would echo a lot of what Lenisha said, just really helping us get information that we might not have otherwise heard. Like things that are as simple as you know, my student comes home every day and says the classrooms are super cold, which like really has an impact on their experience, but is it maybe doesn't feel important enough for them to say it to us like in person or like to call and complain about it, but like we want to know that and we want to be able to address those things. Another big one for us. I would echo the after school, we got a lot of parents that either wanted more information about after school or how to sign up for after school or you know, can they go every day and and exactly what the hours were. So we did a lot of like thinking not only about making our after school program more robust and we did that this year, but then also like making our messaging for after school a little bit clearer and a little bit earlier for parents. Um, so that they weren't kind of left wondering about that for too long. And so just being able to really hear from parents on a regular basis. Um, the one thing I would add is like we get a ton of praise for our teachers and we send that, I email that to all staff and um like get to highlight those teachers, and I just feel like that's such a wonderful thing. Especially coming out of Covid, I think sometimes our teachers don't even hear that from parents as often as they could, and so to get that in the Possip data and be able to send that out to our staff and say like, look at all the positive comments from parents about what you are doing every day. It just really makes a big difference for our staff.

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