October 18, 2022

Video Transcript

So for instance, carline was one that just slammed us and if you're like us, we don't have busses. So you know, carline is an issue because it's a good problem to have in some, some sense you think about it, you've got people trying to get into your school. So that's great. But it causes us so much grief when we read those Possip comments. So one thing that we took away from that last year was to like really be intentional about how, how we address that issue more this year. Uh, some things, it's just gonna be a carline, right? We can't help that. But what our schools did and our network, we produce videos uh, this summer, um, and sending out to the family with the messaging, talking about this tip. Some of the things that kept carline from not moving, it could have been getting out of your car, you know, opening the door for your scholar or it could have been moving cones or driving through cones. So we showed the "Dos" and the "Don'ts" uh, and kind of really got ahead of it before they came to the, you know, back to school meeting and just like, hey carline is this? We wanted to go ahead and get out in front of it. So we also were more intentional about like after school programs and aftercare because we know that if we provide those programming, everybody wanna come and wants to pick up their children. Right? So, there was more intentionality about that and carpool incentives, right? We have some incentives in some schools where they're doing carpooling and so that has helped some as well.

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