CSGF - long clip

October 17, 2022

Video Transcript

I'm gonna let y'all think for a minute while I ask one fun question because Lenisha called me out. We'll do a whiparound. You, you can just answer your answer and um, which would be, what's your favorite thing about the feedback? The report that comes in? What's your favorite part of the report? We'll start with Kayleigh. The critical feedback. Like to respond right away. The one that comes up as like hot or whatever. I'm always like right to that before I read everything. You do operate from anxiety. That's proven. That's awesome. Thank you, Kayleigh Cool. Trevor. Um good question. I definitely go straight to the, the bar graph - the Ys, the Ms and the Ns. So definitely, you know, get that Sentiment Rate first. But I do look at the 360. I lied, I look at the 360 first, then go to the, because we get the 360 script. Yeah. Oh my gosh, Hannah, what is the 360 if you want to tell people in case they don't know. Absolutely. So in the Possip service that we call 360 that's what we're helping our partners um close the back loops um and go 360 with the information that shared. So, what our team will do in addition to organizing all the data in a report um that they've been talking about today, well also provide a summary of here are the main things that came through from the Possip data this way this week. In a way that it's really easy for you to add it to a newsletter to email it out. But really giving families that affirmation of, Oh wow, the school is hearing me. They're being transparent with what's being shared. Um I think that's especially useful for those families that they don't have a question that specific, that requires a phone call or an email, but they still want that affirmation that the feedback is being used and heard. Um and so will help to just prepare those summaries after each and every Pulse Check™ so that you can send that out in a way that's really simple. Thank you. And now we know that's Trevor's favorite part. Barb. I was gonna say that too, as again, the amount of time spent on crafting like staff notes, family notes, communicating out information. And so having to be the person to decipher and distill all that into, you know, a summary, like having that done for you. It's like you just gave me back an hour of my sunday morning and so it's really nice to see that in a very concise format that can be shared out with stakeholders and of course the hot topics. Yes. Okay. Two favorites, Lenisha has two favorites too. So what's your new favorite? Yes, So we are such a large network um that the trends and recommendations have to be my most favorite because I have to look at it as a network. Where are I'm seeing like these gaps or these concerns that are being raised as a trend across where we can like strategically look at the network versus just individual campuses.

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