Clip 4: Attendance & Enrollment Event

January 26, 2023

Video Transcript

And I think often, as we think about how we communicate with parents around attendance from a teacher, or a staff or district mindset, we do it in the compliance mindset. And so we have to really get away from a compliance mindset around attendance, to a community mindset around attendance- because what we hear from parents is that the tone of attendance follow-up is often distancing for them, it feels punitive, they feel punished and talked down to. And part of why that probably happens because districts and schools spend so much time thinking about attendance. You feel so much pressure from the state, federal government for funding, for kind of the status of your school. And so that attendance, that stress gets pushed down to parents as opposed to the alternative, which is why it would matter for a parent or a student to to show up.

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