Cassidy Goodbye

December 20, 2023

Video Transcript


Thank you for being such a huge part of the team! Possip will miss you!

Um, Cassidy. It has been a joy and an honor to have you here working at Possip. You always bring a smile and such grace to everything that you do and we really are going to miss you. Um, and we're just gonna miss, well, I am, I'm gonna miss being able to have another North Carolina friend. Um, but, um, I hope that we can stay connected and I wish you all the best on your next journey. Cassidy. I appreciate the joy with which you, um, tackle your work, tackle, um, a new big job and then also doing that while being an incredible mom and also, um, working on your degree. So super excited for all the, the things that you'll have in your future. And, um, we'll just, we'll just remember the warmth and the charm that you brought in every conversation meeting. Yeah, I would say, I don't know if I've ever met someone that just exudes like kindness, um, and the way that you do and so that will like, definitely be missed, but I will remember that, um, a lot and, and how you just respond um, to everything with like a lot of positivity um is really special, you know, I was gonna say with a lot of positivity and grace and always keeping things possible and hopeful. So, thank you, I'll definitely echo everyone else's sentiment and I've also got a chance to connect with you on separate meetings, um working on things together and I really appreciated your, your spirit. It was always positive and upbeat and very contagious and I feel like no matter what you are always smiling, even though you were upset about things. And I think that's a great thing. So please don't ever lose that. I'll say as well. Um, so she, I feel like she has this like bubble of joy as you can see in all the descriptions she has. Um, then it just like when you meet her in person, um it almost like attaches to you. So almost like it brightens my day whenever I get to actually see her and like meet with her. Um, so very grateful to have been able to experience that for me. And I've also found um a very great person in terms of like their, their fellowship with Christ, which is something that I will never forget. And I'm always grateful and honored to be able to experience that with, with you. So Cassidy, I'll just echo uh from the CX side, getting to work with you with partners and things like that. You always have an upbeat spirit, innovative spirit. And I'm grateful for your presence on our team and wish you the best in your future. Cassidy I really appreciate your learning spirit. I think they're saying grace, but it's just so, so sweet for you to always um want to know what to do next or how people are succeeding. And I, I just thought I was infectious as well. Good luck. I really enjoyed working with you as well. Cassidy. I appreciate your cheerfulness and your poise and you are always the first to jump in to give a compliment, whether it's to another team member, um, and to customers as well and you will be missed. Yeah, I agree. I remember, gosh, she'd only been here sort of a, a minute or two when somebody that I knew from a past life reached out about past opportunity and you were just so patient and sweet, um, to someone who's a little bit high, high maintenance if memory serves. And that was sort of my introduction to, you know, partnering with you here. Uh, just like, yeah, that sort of smile and patience that you brought to interactions and wish you all the best. Thank you so much, Cassidy. We appreciate you.

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