Back to School Event Recap - Car Lines

July 28, 2023

Video Transcript

Part of it is actually having a vision for what do you want to see at any school? What's the experience? What are, what, what do the staff look like in that car line? What do the kids and families look like? And so really setting those expectations and that vision for what car lines, how long do you think people should be spending in Carline? Um So I think those are things at a district level. Uh Someone could really help set the expectations, goals and vision and then also car lines go all year long and we get feedback about Carline. It's awesome you along. So highlighting where things are working well and celebrating those and giving and sharing that information about, hey, at this school, they've been able to get Carline down to 15 minutes and people always look really happy and here's what they're doing. Um So to bring those resources and information to bear or if you see a place where it's really struggling and maybe they're just having to navigate some really difficult obstacles. Like some we know some schools are in very like urban areas where there's just a lot more traffic. So what additional resource is, can, can be brought to bear and places that just have, you know, really trickier time. Um And then also like for parents, um I, I was mention there, there's some PTO leaders, we, one of our partners, they have parents who went out and actually wrote notes and wrote thank you cards for neighbors around and basically was just like, hey, be patient with us, you know, it's the first weeks of school. Thank you for your grace. Also telling them here's when the car line is gonna be heaviest. So maybe just a reminder of school starting back August 8th, 7 to 8. Carline will be really busy and 2 to 3 because sometimes people get trapped in their houses because they can't even back out. So just really, but, but I think that's something that parents can really um help with and think about. So I think those are some of the ideas and ways is to, to get proactive about communication. I remember everyone who's going to be affected by what's happening and again, reminding ourselves that neighbors, a lot of them don't necessarily have kids. So they're not thinking about the first day of school. And so all of a sudden they're rushing out to work on a Monday and they're, they're um their driveways blocked. So just, I think kind of thinking about both the family's point of view, but then also the other folks in the neighborhood and that's a really great way to build strong um community.

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