Back to School Event Recap - Communication

July 28, 2023

Video Transcript

Would definitely say strengthening teachers communication skills just seems most essential to me. It kind of reminds me of Shan's point about like sustaining things and what teachers can handle and how to like prepare them for that. Um So some of the tactics that I found helpful in this area were like one just offering to facilitate family meetings, um especially at the beginning of the year just to model what they look like or even just always offer to join those family meetings just for support for teachers. Um Two, I think focusing on giving clear tangible deadlines for things like phone calls home or consistent book entry or just other family communication norms that you have on campus that may feel potentially a bit more optional for teachers or less tangible. Um I would actually add those deadlines into my weekly team memo and have a support staff just help with accountability checks to make sure those things were actually happening. Um And then I think most important is giving them time to do this. Um Right teacher have so much on their plates. Um So adding time into your, you know, school, your PD calendar for them to do this. Um giving them time during summer training sessions to reach out to families and do X amount of positive phone calls. Um I think is really necessary in my opinion. Um But I think overall just having teachers feel supported in this area is a really worthwhile investment and then that investment is also gonna help you as a school leader. Um So you don't have to feel like you have to take on this whole family communication, work on your own.

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