Jason Amato for Positive Impressions Video Testimonials

January 02, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jason Amato

Could you describe a time that Positive Impressions helped you?

Jason Amato: Can't say enough good things about positive impressions. Uh, we have used them for hats and clothing, print work. They're just awesome from the moment you talk to them on the phone, they've been great with exactly what you're looking for. They get your proofs. I'm an Italian. I love to get my hands on things and they're great with getting those proofs making sure you're ok. I know we've sometimes had to make some modifications and they've been flawless in doing that and making sure at the end of the day I'm getting the product I need. Whether it be clothing for my work, hats or print work, trust them.

How would you describe Positive Impressions in three words?

Jason Amato: Three words to describe positive impressions, trustworthy, timely and personal.

Why is Positive Impressions different from other companies or services in the space?

Jason Amato: Why is positive impressions different from other companies and services in the space? Uh, I'd put it personal touch. Anytime I call them, they answer the phone. Anytime I leave a message, they get back to me timely. Uh, time and time again. Anything that I need, they're quick to respond, they're quick to interact. I don't feel like I'm bothering them. I don't feel like I'm a number, like some of the other companies I've used that you just feel you're lost in this ocean of other companies.

What are some pain points you've dealt with in ordering tangible marketing goods and how has Positive helped alleviate those pain points?

Jason Amato: For me and my business. The biggest struggle I have is being able to get proofs for hats and clothing and usually getting color schemes, right. So the different colors that we look for, we have a shade of green that can be different and difficult uh to find that Panettone and what I really loved about my encounter and my working with positive impressions is each time they keep doing it till they get it right. And even if that's a couple of renditions of stitching, it's not easy to stitch trucker hats or stitch certain high end uh clothing, but they're very meticulous in making sure that I'm happy. And that's important to me because if the green is a little bit off, it can look totally different. And you're really trying to brand something uh especially brand where it's important to have your colors be true.

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