Brenda Hilton for Positive Impressions Video Testimonials

January 02, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Brenda Hilton

Could you describe a time that Positive Impressions helped you?

Brenda Hilton: One of the things I love about positive impressions and working with their staff is their response time. Uh I tend to reach out to them last minute needing something and their staff is always incredibly helpful in getting me what I need on time every time.

How would you describe Positive Impressions in three words?

Brenda Hilton: The three words that I would use to describe positive impressions is above and beyond.

Why is Positive Impressions different from other companies or services in the space?

Brenda Hilton: When I think about what sets positive impressions apart from other companies, the size is their service and their response time. Anytime I need something, an idea, whatever it is, they will get back to me in very short order. And especially with their quotes on, on items, I really value their focus on customer service and, and understanding our industry and what we're doing.

What are some pain points you've dealt with in ordering tangible marketing goods and how has Positive helped alleviate those pain points?

Brenda Hilton: Any time I'm looking to do a project, whether it's an activation or I want to do some promotional materials with uh some of my, my constituents. I go to positive impressions and I ask for their open and honest to be back on my idea. There's a lot of times where I will see something online and think. Oh, this is a really neat cool item that I could send out as promotional materials or promotional item. And they will be honest with me on what is it that you're really trying to get across? Don't waste your money on this because it's going to end up in the garbage or? Hey, this is something that we're seeing in the market that people really hold on to. And it's a way to keep your name out in front of people. So I always appreciate that. Um, when I'm working with positive impressions.

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